Disclaimer Policy

For our Protection, and Yours

Although we take great care in handling items, we will not be held responsible (monetarily or otherwise) if something should happen to your piece.

We will provide proofs for all customer supplied items, and will only proceed when the proof (including spelling, font, placement and graphics) are approved by the customer. We will then schedule the item to be engraved.

99% of items provided to us for engraving by customers look wonderful. However, we are unable to predict how the material of the item will respond to the engraving process. Sometimes the plating will chip, the glass will react unpredictably, etc. We will advise if we are unsure of the intended result, but the risk is something you need to be willing to accept. We require either a signed form indicating your consent, or approval via email. We do not accept verbal consent.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!